2016–« Domestic Fantastik », Galerie Matthew Namour, Montréal.

2014–« I am the cheese », Zéphyr, Montréal.

2011–“Admiral of the White”, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa.

2010–“The Free from Slavery Show – part 2”, Café de l’Usine C, Montréal.

2010-“The Free from Slavery Show”, Maison de la Culture Côte-des-neiges, Montréal.

2009-“The Free from Slavery Show”, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2007-“Nuclear Child”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma, Italy.

2004-“The Great Escape”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma, Italy.

2002-“Accidental Meetings”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Bologna, Italy.



2017-« XL 4″, MAI, Montreal, Canada.

2014-« Cauchemart avant Nöel », Galerie d’Art Loft, Montreal, Canada.

2014-« Inauguration », Galerie d’Art Loft, Montreal, Canada.

2012-« ACCM Artsida4″, Montreal, Canada.

2012-« Patrick Senécal, Hommage en peintures, Montreal, Canada.

2010-“Quadrant Fantasy”, Saeby, Denmark.

2009-“Seven Year Itch”, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2009-“Apocalypse Wow!”, MACRO (Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art), Rome, Italy.

2008-“Love Anatomy”, Anthony Curtis Gallery, Boston, United States.

2008-“Kings and Queens and …”, Strychnin Gallery, London, England.

2007-“Sweet Calaveras”, Galerie Yves Laroche, Montreal, Canada.

2007-“Songs of the Apocalypse”, Art-Mur Gallery, Montreal, Canada.

2007-“There is a stranger inside of me”, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2007-“Dark Hearts and Broken Vows”, Strychnin Gallery, New York, United States.

2006-“Darkness Ascends”, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada.

2005-“Quid-Pro-Quo”, L’Autre Galerie, Montreal, Canada.

2005-“Built for Speed”, L’Autre Galerie, Montreal, Canada.

2005-“The Mondo Bizzarro Show”, Jungle Art Galerie, Paris, France.

2003-“Musica per Organi Caldi”, 3G Arte Contemporanea, Udine, Italy.

2001-“Erotopop”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Bologna, Italy.

1997-“Dark Visions II”, Darks’s Art Parlour, Hollywood, United States.